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Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is Wednesday!

on February 28, 2011

I’m not a big fan of Dr. Seuss, really, but his birthday is a great day for a party.  March 2nd, the end of the really, really long short month of February and the eve of Springtime.  A great time to have a silly party for kids without receiving gifts to clutter your house and “thank you notes to write” looming on your to do list.

At our house, we start Dr. Seuss’s birthday with green eggs and ham for breakfast.  I suppose I could puree some spinach to make the eggs green, but I take the easy way and add blue food coloring to the eggs before I scrambled them, and Voila! green eggs.  I buy one of those packaged ham steaks (that yes, I’m sure are loaded with nitrates and other bad chemicals, but they look so awesome next to the green scrambled eggs) and serve up the green eggs and ham to my kiddos.  They love it….of course for weeks after, they beg and plead for all sorts of strange colored scrambled eggs.  Alas, it’s a once a year event.

If you want to have a fun party for kids (especially the pre-school set), here are some ideas:


  • Dr. Seuss hats for decorations/props (available at the “what-junky-thing-can-you-not-find-there?” Oriental Trading)
  • Colorful clean socks (the Foot Book)


  • Goldfish crackers in clear glass fishbowls (fishbowls are super cheap at Michael’s, A.C. Moore, etc.)
  • Finger Sandwiches (use the cocktail bread at the deli counter or decrust and cut sandwich bread into squares) – “Plain-Belly Peanut Butter Sandwiches” and “Star-Belly Jelly Sandwiches” (use a small star cookie cutter to cut out the top slice of bread on the Star-Belly sandwiches to let the jelly show through – so cute!)
  • ABC cut-out cookies for the Dr. Seuss ABC Book
  • “Pink Ink” (Pink Lemonade) – the Yink who likes to drink pink ink in One Fish Two Fish


  • Clean-up Relay Race – Divide group into two teams and race to clean up the mess before Mom gets home (after Thing 1 and Thing 2 destroyed the house in The Cat in The Hat).  Scatter toys (I recommend soft toys like stuffed animals) through out the room.  Give each team a wicker basket or laundry basket to pick up the mess.  Sometimes this is so much fun, they want to make the mess and do it again.
  • Balancing Act – See how much you can put on your head – just like the cat!  (Use the soft toys from the Relay Race.)
  • Sneetch Ball – Divide into two teams, one with stars taped on their shirts, one without.  Have group stand in a circle and toss a Nerf ball to someone not like you (i.e. with or without star).  If you toss to someone like you, you are out.  Could sit on the floor and roll the ball instead.
  • Funniest Socks Contest – Have everyone wear and show off their funniest socks in honor of “The Foot Book.”
  • Fishing Contest – You will need a small plastic pool, fish cut out of cardstock with paperclip attached, fishing rod made of dowel rod or bamboo stick with string and magnet attached.  Go fishing!  You could have stickers on backs of fish that would correspond with prizes or something fun like that.

Arts & Crafts:

  • There are lots of printables on the Dr. Seuss website for coloring and crafting.
  • Make bookmarks – buy foam kits at Michael’s or A.C. Moore, or cutout cardstock and have kids decorate with crayons, markers, stickers, etc.
  • Go really crazy and make some “Oobleck” (green slime) for the kids to play with.  Or, let them make it and send it home to play with (the parents will love you and your child will surely be invited back (for payback, of course)).

Quiet Time Pre/Post Party:

  • Have a basket of Dr. Seuss books for the kids to look at/read or have a grown up read to the kids.

Yes, it’s that easy.  Minimal time and effort to set up.  Minimal cost for supplies.  An afternoon of precious memories for your children and their friends.  Have the party!  It’s FUN!  And it’s fun to have fun but you have to know how!


*These ideas aren’t really that original, I planned a Dr. Seuss party when I was in the Newcomers of Wellesley Club and searched the internet and all my own past party ideas for things that fit with Dr. Seuss.  Read through your children’s Dr. Seuss books and I’m sure you will come up with plenty more fun things to do.


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