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Dad’s *Great* Idea

on March 2, 2012

Here’s this morning’s breakfast conversation:

Alex:  “Hey, Owen, it’s only eight days until your birthday!”

Me:  “Actually, seven days.”

Alex:  “It’s eight if you count today.”

Me [to self]:  ‘What kid counts today in a countdown to a major holiday?’

Me:  “OK, fine, eight.  So, Owen, what do you want to bring to school for your birthday treat?”

Don [from left field – the couch]:  “Ice cream cake!  Ice cream cake!”

[For a visual:  He was bouncing around like a five-year-old, so excited about his great idea.]

Me [doing my very best 1st grade teacher impression]:  “OK,  one, DON, I was talking to Owen, not you.  And two, it’s a class treat, not the home birthday party.  Owen’s teacher would kill me if I brought in an ice cream cake.  Who would serve it?  What about the mess?”

Don:  “You could go in and serve it.  I don’t see a problem here.”

Me:  “Me?  Go in and serve it?  To a class full of 20 second graders?  I don’t think so.  No.  No way.  Again, Owen, what do you want to bring?”

Owen:   “Ice cream.”


What will Owen be bringing in for his birthday treat?  Whatever the heck I bake for him to bring in….it will not be a DQ ice cream cake.  But thanks for your input, Don.  Next time, keep reading your Blackberry and stay out of the conversation.


2 responses to “Dad’s *Great* Idea

  1. Beverly says:

    It would be kind of funny to bake those cupcakes in an ice cream cone. I’ve never done it but it would be intriguing to try and he would get his “ice cream” cake!

    • Beverly,

      I actually thought about doing that. My sister-in-law is/was planning to do that for my nephew’s birthday treat to take to school. I’m looking for the little ice cream cups like we had when we were kids. I could find them when I lived in Boston – we called the Hoodsies because they were made by Hood. All I can find here are the single serve Haagen-Dazs ice cream cups…I’m not sure a class of 7 and 8 year olds are worthy of Haagen-Dazs. I don’t think they would appreciate the quality (and it would be very un-mom-like if I pulled the half eaten cups out of the trash and licked them clean – I do appreciate the quality of Haagen-Dazs).

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