Three kids, two dogs, one husband…keeping my head above the laundry pile one load at a time…

What’s For Lunch?

on March 2, 2012

When I asked the boys what they wanted to pack for lunch this morning, K3 requested macaroni and cheese. (The Annie’s Organic Microwave kind.  It’s the best.  Try it, you’ll like it.)  Since I’m always trying to be Super Mom (actually, always feeling guilty about yelling too loud or being too impatient), I told him I would bring it to him at lunchtime.  Mac and cheese that sits in a Thermos all morning gets a little too gooey to eat.  It’s so much better fresh out of the microwave.

Because Super Mom has some short-term memory issues, I asked K3 to write me a note to remind me to finish fixing his lunch and bring it to school.  Sure, I could have written myself a note, but if I ask him to do it, I distract him from annoying his brother and buy myself a bit of peace and quiet.

Here’s the note he left for me:

Some kids have Mac AND Cheese. Owen has Mack OR Roney.


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