Three kids, two dogs, one husband…keeping my head above the laundry pile one load at a time…

New Old Yeller?

on March 3, 2012

On our way home from lunch to celebrate K3’s (Kid 3’s) birthday, we were discussing the type of dog we would like to get. Yes, we already have two dogs – Frosty, a Yellow Lab and Maggie, a Golden Retriever – and no, we aren’t planning to get another dog any time soon. But we do talk about having another dog in our parallel universe (the one where we don’t have vet bills, dog food bills, or poop patrol).

There were many of suggestions:  Beagle, German Shepherd (vetoed by me), Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Pug, Dalmation, another Yellow Lab, another Golden Retriever.

After considering several different breeds of dogs, K2 (Kid 2) announces that when we do get a new puppy, we should not take it to get a rabies shot.


“I want the dog to have puppies so we can keep two of them and sell the rest.”

K1 (Kid 1) rolls his eyes and says “It’s a babies shot, not a rabies shot!”

Just enough knowledge to be dangerous, that’s what those two boys have…


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