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What’s In Your Backpack?

on March 28, 2012




I vaguely recall Ryan mentioning that he needed to clean out his backpack.  He said there was quite a bit of junk in it.  I think that was last night.  This morning, after being a royal pain the ass like only an eleven year old going on sixteen can be, he stormed off to school  After he left, I walked in the family room to find all this crap on the couch.  He did need to empty his backpack.  And he did “empty” it, by dumping all the contents on the couch and leaving for school with a now empty backpack.  Let’s see, what did he leave me?

  • One empty Altoids tin (evidently for the days when he “forgets” to brush his teeth – don’t get me started).
  • One Mounds Easter Egg candy wrapper (wait.one.minute.  Those were mine – all mine!).
  • One dirty sock – just one!
  • Various flash cards from last week’s science test on phases of the moon and eclipses.
  • One roll of grey duct tape.  Duct tape?  Yes, duct tape.  I’m not even going to ask.




2 responses to “What’s In Your Backpack?

  1. sewmama says:

    ah yes. the one sock wonder. They’re everywhere in my house. I mean EVERYWHERE. Even my bed! Now how does that happen??

  2. I just cleaned under the boys bunk bed and found three crumpled up socks. They are everywhere, you’re right!

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