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Guest Post!

on June 13, 2012

Today I am featuring my first-ever guest post.  It’s by an up-and-coming writer whose work has occasionally been featured on my Facebook Status Updates.  Please welcome, my middle child, Alex.

My Memory Poem

I remember when…

Our family got our dog Maggie.

When we went in to the dog owner’s house

there were bells ringing which got the dogs all excited.

I saw rugs and cages that weren’t that big.

I saw bowls of water and food.

Every puppy was drinking or eating

because they just came back from playing.

I was so happy we could get a dog

but I also felt sad for the puppy

because he has to leave his family.

Then I bent down and petted all 7 dogs.

I let them lick my face.  It tickled.

After that I stood up and asked the owner “What are their names?”

She told us their names but I forget them now.

I asked her how old are they?

She said around 2 months.

10 minutes later we watched them play.

We heard barking and really hard breathing

because they were tired.

One puppy wasn’t jumping around.  We liked her.

She was Maggie.

I asked my dad can we get Maggie?

We talked and we made up our minds and we got her.

I held up Maggie and carried her to the car.

In the car we heard whining and then she threw up.

I’ll never forget the exciting time we got Maggie.

Alex wrote this for his poem project at school.  He says now he wishes he didn’t write the part about Maggie throwing up.  But it’s a true story – she did throw up.  He remembered correctly.


2 responses to “Guest Post!

  1. outlawmama says:

    This is adorbs!!!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely precious! Way to go Alex!

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