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Too Busy?

on June 25, 2012

I just finished reading the New York Times article about the latest feeding frenzy craze:  Food Pouches.  In case you missed it, you can find the story here.  Really?  We are that busy?  Too busy to sit our children down and give them something to eat?  Really?

Really.  My oldest son plays in a Pee Wee baseball league.  At his last practice, four kids showed up.  Four out of 12 or 13.  Some of them have quit showing up to practice because their team isn’t very good.  Some of them can’t make it to practice because they are also playing lacrosse, hockey and tennis…at the same time.  Since they are participating in four sports in the same season, practices and games will inevitably overlap.  After all, there are only seven days in a week.  In addition to the four sports, they are also taking piano and/or guitar lessons, math tutoring, and going to school.  Thank goodness for them that the schools around here do not require an hour or two of homework per night.

My son continues to attend every practice and every game (unless he is sick or has a valid reason for missing it).  He is frustrated because his team isn’t doing well.  He is even more frustrated that only four boys are showing up for practice.  He realizes that perhaps they would be a better team if everyone showed up for practice.

I think we all need to take a closer look at our lives if we have to feed our children from a food pouch while they bounce on the couch because we are too busy.  If our children are more scheduled than CEOs, maybe we need to take a step back and re-evaluate.  My children will have their entire lives to learn to play the piano or guitar, speak Mandarin, and have super-structured schedules.  They only have a short time to be a child and be carefree.  I want them to enjoy it while they can.  And even though I don’t cook a four course, five star meal every night, I still want them to sit down at the table to eat my super-duper grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.


8 responses to “Too Busy?

  1. outlawmama says:

    Are you kidding? YOu can’t join a team and NOT practice? What’s totally uncool.What is that teaching kids? I didn’t know about those pouches, but by god, my kids are going to have their quesadillas on a bona fide plate when they are with me. Insanity.

    • Quesadillas are my backup when I’m out of bread:) I’m with ya, sister. It is so irritating because my child’s whole team suffered because of a few kids’ overcommitments.

  2. sewmama says:

    Hmmm….could this be a new holmesmith product?? ahaha…
    Honestly though. How sad is a child’s life if they have to eat from a pouch 😦
    Couldn’t agree with you more Lisa!

  3. Unless my kids are preparing to be astronauts, they can eat off plates (or stand at the counter snacking like the rest of us!). I bet even astronauts eat off of plates when they’re on this planet. Yikes! And I hear you on the team practices. Last night only 3 kids out of 15 showed up for my daughter’s softball practice. She thought practice was boring – just what we need now that she’s showing interest in team sports! BTW – I wondered why I wasn’t getting your posts and it’s because I rarely check my WordPress reader. So I’m a bonafide email subscriber now! Yay!

  4. I hear ya! Practice is boring and unproductive when only 3 kids show up. How can they learn anything?
    Thanks for subscribing! Part of the reason you aren’t getting my posts is because I haven’t posted in awhile. Trying to do better, but also trying to move. Yikes!

  5. Sanstrousers says:

    I’m not understanding the point of being on a team if you don’t come to the practices. Why, people, why?!

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